Valentine’s Gift Guide for Her

Valentine’s Gift Guide for Her

Our carefully curated Valentine’s Gift Guide for Her is full of cozy, fun and cute things! So many of the items included in this gift guide are my absolute favourite. I love Valentine’s Day or really any excuse to tell people that I love them. One of my favourite things in the world to do is give gifts. Whether it’s someone’s birthday, Christmas, Halloween (I give little candy gift to each of our nieces and nephews) or Valentine’s Day, I use any and every excuse to give gifts.

This Valentine’s Gift Guide has items in a range of prices, starting as low as $7 and going up from there. We tried to include gifts from all price ranges, as well as items that you could gift to any female in your life, whether that’s your mom or your bestie. None of these are romantic gifts, but if Matt were to buy me any of these items, I would be super happy.

Valentine's Gift Guide for Her

  1. Chelsea King Cashmere Cream Scrunchie | 2. Marble Wine Chiller | 3. PMD Clean Pro RQ | 4. Book Bestie | 5. Smash and Tess Coffee Time Waffle Romper | 6. Humidifier | 7. Casper Weighted Blanket | 8. Blue Light Blocking Glasses | 9. Saje Jute and Joy Soap Filled Wash Pad (Lavender and Honey) | 10. Milk Frother | 11. I Love You Mug | 12. Fraiche Food Full Hearts Cookbook | 13. Melanie Auld Modern Heart Studs | 14. Reading Socks

My Favourite Items

To touch on a few of my favourite items included in this Valentine’s Gift Guide for Her I want to start with number 1. If you know me well, you know I have a scrunchie obsession. I own a ton but could always use more. This super soft cashmere cream scrunchie from Chelsea King is high in quality but low in price. My favourite are the classic size since I have medium length hair, and this cream colour looks great in dark and light hair.

The next item I love is the PMD Clean Pro RQ. Matt bought me one of these for my birthday last May. And it’s safe to say I’m obsessed. I use it every day and love how my skin feels after. It is on the pricer side but it is so worth it. The one side cleanses and the other is a rose quartz that heats up. Allowing your face products such as moisturizers and serums to better absorb into your skin. Trust me you will fall in love with it.

Items included in Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Her

If I didn’t include number 5 on this list, my family and friends would have thought I was crazy. I may own a few too many Smash and Tess rompers but it’s a match made in heaven. So I had to include one in this gift guide. Back in the Fall Smash and Tess released this super cozy, indulgent Waffle romper and it sold out very quickly. However, Chapters Indigo still have some available on their website. You or your loved one will absolutely love the softness of the waffle material and this classic Monday style romper.

Lastly, I have to include the Fraiche Food, Full Hearts cookbook. We wouldn’t be a food blog without including at least one food related item. I have talked about this cookbook many times before and that is because we use it so often. While it is not exclusively gluten free, the majority of the recipes have a gluten free option. Whether it’s swapping out a loaf of bread or using gluten free flour. All of these recipes are delicious and easy to make gluten free with a tweak here and there. If you’re shopping for a foodie, they will love receiving this cookbook.

PMD Clean RQ for Valentine's Day

So if you’re gifting your bestie, mom, sister or wife gifts this valentine’s day, I am positive that you will find at least one or two items on this list that your loved one will love. You could also purchase multiple items and gift them a little “self-care” gift set. All of these items can be purchased online so you can either ship them directly to your person, or purchase and wrap up to give to them personally. If you’re looking for some other gift ideas check out our Christmas Gift Guides that include items that are great all year round. And keep an eye out for our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Him, as well as last minute DIY gift ideas.

Chelsea King Cashmere Cream Scrunchie

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