Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Him

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Him

We’re back with another Valentine’s Day Gift Guide and this time it’s for the man in your life. Whether this man is actually your son, best friend, dad, brother, boyfriend or husband, we have got you covered. We have complied a list of great products that range in price and interest. I’m not going to lie, I actually love creating gift guides for men more than I do for women. I know that is odd since I am a woman and you would think it would be easier than shopping for men. However, I feel like since I do Matt’s shopping creating a list of his favourite things is fairly easy.

Products in a Variety of Prices

Just like our Valentine’s Gift Guide for Her, this gift guide for him has products in a range of prices from as low as $12 and then up from there. I do find that in general men don’t really buy themselves a lot of stuff on a regular basis. At least this is the case in our house. Matt never seems to want anything, whereas I always want something. But I do find that when Matt does want something it is on the pricer side. Not to say I don’t have expensive taste as well. But electronics and gadgets tend to be pricey, and these often are what interest men.

However, in saying that, there is some lower end priced items on this list and if you’re shopping for someone who loves you. Cost truly does not matter. I know it’s cliche and over said but it is the thought that counts. Plus if you stick around until closer to Valentine’s Day we will have a post going up with last minute easy DIY gift ideas. But lets get into this Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Him.


Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Him

1. Mini Theragun | 2. Nintendo Switch | 3. Apple AirPods | 4. Yeti Tumbler | 5. Manscaped Cologne | 6. Reading Socks | 7. Smash & Tess Bro Romper | 8. Heartbeat Hot Sauce | 9. Cookbook | 10. Casper Pillow | 11. Echo Dot | 12. Hubby Mug | 13. Laptop Sleeve | 14. Toque 

Our Favourite Items

Here are a few of our favourite items included in this gift guide, and why we love them so much.

Nintendo Switch

Our absolute top item included in this gift guide has to be the Nintendo Switch. Matt has the regular size and I have the nintendo switch lite. We both love ours so much. I do wish that I had the regular size since it has more options but the lite works well for trips/travel and is great if you don’t want to spend the full price. Nintendo has so many games available. Matt’s favourite as well as his brother and best friends is Super Smash Bros. My favourite is Animal Crossing. But I also love Mario Kart and Ring Fit.

The ring fit you can only use with the regular full size switch since you need to disconnect the joy cons to fit into the leg strap and ring for the Ring Fit. But I just use Matt’s switch for that. While this is included in this Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Him. It honestly would be such a great gift for the whole family. Which is why it is our favourite item on this list.

Nintendo Switch Gift Idea for Him

Casper Pillow

Our second item we love is the Casper Pillow. Both Matt and I have Casper Pillows and they are heavenly. They are the perfect balance between soft and hard – just like baby bear, just right! If you are a back sleeper, side sleeper or stomach sleeper, this pillow will work for you. Matt is a back sleeper and I am a stomach sleeper and we both love these pillows.

They are a bit on the pricey side, but they are totally worth it. A pillow lasts a long time if you take care of it and change your pillow case weekly. We actually purchased one for Matt’s aunt this past Christmas because she wanted one so badly. She loves it as much as we love ours. And the man in your life, will love you forever if you got him one of these. In fact, grab yourself one, or you will be stealing his! Or maybe your dog will be sleeping on yours, just like our little dog tends to do (peep the last picture in this post).

Heartbeat Hot Sauce

Another item that is one of our favourites included in this gift guide is the Heartbeat Hot Sauce. To be honest, I hate hot foods (they upset my stomach), but Matt is obsessed. In fact I think all of the men in my life are pretty much obsessed with hot sauce. I purchased this hot sauce for Matt for Christmas and here we are a month later and he is almost completely out. It is actually on my list to reorder this week.

Heartbeat Hot Sauce is a small Canadian company located in Thunder Bay Ontario. I love supporting small Canadian businesses, so when I found this company I was so happy. It is just icing on the cake (or hot sauce on the cake?) that their products are so good. If you’re purchasing this as a gift for some that is gluten free, just be sure to check the ingredients since some of the flavours contain malted barley.

Heartbeat Hot Sauce Company


Our last favourite item included in this Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Him is a mug! I know it’s so simple but to me it’s so classic. In our house we are obsessed with mugs. We take them seriously and we, no joke, rotate them based on the season/holiday. We have so many the cupboard is always overflowing with them.

With so many people working from home, I think the focus has really shifted from take out coffees to making our own. So treat your man with a new favourite mug he is sure to love. We have included this cute Hubby Mug, but honestly there are so many mugs out there that I’m sure will fit him just right. Or if your man is still travelling to work, why not get him a Yeti Tumbler so his coffee can stay hot while on the road.

Happy Gifting

So hopefully you’re able to find at least one or two items included in this Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Him for the man in your life. Like I said you don’t have to spend a lot of money to show someone you love them. You may just find their new favourite hot sauce, or gift them a cool mug that they love.

Of course the pricer items are also nice. Your hubby or best friend could have been eyeing the theragun or a pair of airpods for a while and Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to gift it to them. No one knows your loved ones better than you, so I hope that you’re able to find the perfect gift for them included in this list.

Let us know if you gift your man one of these items. If you’re looking for gift ideas for the woman in your life, check out our Valentine’s Gift Guide for Her. If you’re looking for gifts for the Foodie or Cook in your life then check out our other gift guides. Also, if you’re behind the game and scrambling at the last minute we will have a last minute DIY gift guide going up before Valentine’s Day. Happy gifting friends!

Casper Pillow for Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Him

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