Easter Table Decor

Easter Table Decor

Our Easter Table Decor has been something I have been working on for months. So when COVID-19 took over the world just over a month ago, I was super upset. I had already planned the look and feel of our Easter table. I had everything ordered and had purchased anything I needed from the store. The only thing I wasn’t able to get was some fresh flowers which I had planned on doing a few days before Easter.

I was even more upset that we wouldn’t be able to have Easter because I had missed Christmas dinner with my husband’s family due to a health issue. So I was so excited and ready for Easter. However, I completely understand why Easter dinner with the whole family just wasn’t realistic this year. I also truly believe that everyone else should not gather in large numbers for Easter dinner. Only have dinner with the people you are already self-isolating with. Otherwise, you are putting yourself, your family and even strangers (grocery store trips) at risk.

The feel of the Easter Table Decor

The Feel I Was Going For

I really wanted to go for a floral, down to earth feel. But still have some have it feel elegant and incorporate the classic bunnies and eggs. I feel like what I had planned I was able to achieve this. I should note that, I set up this mock table but we DID NOT have Easter dinner with our family. We made a small dinner for us but that was it. My original plan was for a table of 16+ people so this was a much smaller scale.

I felt like even with using fake flowers I was able to create a pretty floral, spring look. But the cloth napkins and ring holders brought up the elegance. I also absolutely love mixing different shades of white and then adding pops of colour. Our house is also decorated in this type of style. In our home it makes it easier to swap out decor for holidays, and Easter is no exception. Using a white tablecloth, white napkins and white dishes, allows the focal point of the table to be the table runner and flowers.

Easter Table Decor Breakdown

White Tablecloth and Faux Grass Runner

White Linen Tablecloth
This I had from a baby shower that I planned. It was from Amazon but you can get tablecloths from so many different places pretty inexpensively. White is always very versatile and can be used again and again for many occasions. Just be sure to catch any stains and wash immediately following a dinner.

Grass Table Runner
This is also from Amazon. I absolutely love the look of the faux grass going down the table. I think it’s cute and down to earth but also fits the holiday really well.

Faux Grass Bunny Figurine, Decor Carrots and Pastel Easter eggs

Grass Bunny Figurines
To go along with the faux grass table runner. I thought it would be cute to also do some faux grass bunnies. In these pictures I only used two small ones. However, I had also ordered two larger bunnies to add some different heights/levels on the table. The original table I was going to decorate was also really wide and long so these extra ones would have filled it better.

Decor Carrots
I used little decor carrots to also add to the Easter theme, and add a pop of colour in the mass of green. Trying to stay in a pastel/light springy colours. The orange of the carrots mixed well and they also look cute with the bunny figurines since those are kind of plain.

Pastel Easter Eggs
These pastel Easter eggs are from Michaels. Sadly I wasn’t able to find them on their website to add a link. However, any eggs would do. I think it would be cute to add little plastic eggs filled with candy so that everyone can have one or two after dinner. Or even have hand painted eggs on the table. If you have kids this would be a fun activity to do before hand and then to display them for everyone on the table.

White Egg Holder with Faux Spring Flowers

Egg Holders
These cute eggs holders can be used for so many different things. They can be used for their original purpose – to hold hard boiled eggs. Or like I did you can put flowers in them that match the flowers in the centre of the table. It would also be really cute to put hand painted eggs in them. You can also add name place cards into the flowers if you want assigned seating. Or you can paint everyones names on an egg (I may do this next year). I wanted to stick with white egg holders so that I can use them year after year regardless of the theme I am going for. The texture on the sides always adds a nice touch.

Faux Spring Flowers in a White Enamel Pitcher

Spring Flowers
All of the flowers on the table are fake and are from Michaels. However, it was my original intention to only have the fake flowers in the egg holders and then have real spring flowers in 2 holders along the table runner. Nothing says Spring and Easter like some flowers. If you go to purchase fake flowers right when they come into stores (end of February/beginning of March) they are usually on sale. Same thing if you go right before Easter.

Enamel Pitcher
The enamel pitcher that I have the flowers in, in the centre of the table is from IKEA. It’s a bit pricey for a pitcher but I love the look of it. We regularly use it for flowers around the house and it looks good in any space. The white again allows the colour of the flowers to pop and be the focal point. If you purchased this pitcher for for Easter table decor, don’t fret over the price because you’re sure to use it around the house for other uses again and again.

Lace Trimmed Linen Napkins with a Gold Napkin Ring

Lace Trimmed Napkins
Linen napkins always make an occasion feel more fancy. I have had a love affair for linen napkins for a long time. In fact it was a requirement for my Tea Party themed Bridal Shower. Nothing has changed over the last few years. I always pull out cloth napkins when I get the opportunity. These lace trimmed napkins are from Amazon. They come in packs of 12 and are super inexpensive. They don’t feel expensive but they make your table look elegant. Again, I used white so that they can be used for any occasion and the focal point is on the table runner and centre pieces. Just make sure if you’re using linen napkins to spray them with stain cleaner and wash them right after dinner.

Gold Napkin Ring
Gold napkins add a little fancy to your table. They look really good against the white napkins but honestly would look good around other colours as well. Gold and red for Christmas, anyone? These were a little bit pricier since they only come in packs of 6 but so worth it long term.

Plates and Flatware

The plates we used are our everyday dishes. They again are white (I may have an obsession). The small detailing around the edges make it so they are not boring. But they also aren’t tacky with colours and designs. The entire set is fairly inexpensive. They are a good quality and have held up well for us over the last few years. The white again matches the Easter theme and the feel of the table.

Flatware (Similar)
The flatware we used is always our everyday flatware. I have linked a similar style since this style is no longer available. I love the little details at the bottom. It makes them feel a bit elegant but they aren’t too fancy. If you don’t want to use your everyday flatware for a certain occasion or if you’re looking for something a bit fancier but don’t want to spend the money.
I highly recommend looking at local thrift stores. When we were planning my Bridal Shower, I wanted real flatware (not plastic). So we searched a ton of thrift schools and found a ton of different styles some fancy and some not. We still use these mismatched sets for events and holidays to this day.

Laying All of the Easter Table Decor Out

Laying It All Out

There truly is no right or wrong way to put everything on the table. Obviously put your table runner down the centre, if you’re using one. Try not to put anything in the way of people eating. Also don’t add any flowers or decor pieces that will be too tall. You still want people to be able to converse and not have to struggle to look around the easter table decor.

Spread out the flowers and the bunny figurines along the table runner. For the large heartland table I was originally going to use for a large family dinner, I was going to use two enamel pitchers of flowers. They were going to be evenly spaced down the table runner and then the bunny figurines also evenly spaced out. The decor carrots and pastel eggs can go however you feel.

Easter Table Decor Inspiration

While the occasion is Easter, it’s best to pick some time of “theme.” I wanted florals and pastels. That way everything you put on the table goes together and nothing feels out of place. While the planning of the table takes a little bit of time, it truly is very easy. Find pictures that inspire you and then research some products. Starting early will help you plan better and save money. Right when Christmas finished I started planning for Easter. This way I could find exactly what I wanted and didn’t have to pay an arm and a leg for the items. It’s also best to try and find some basic items (tablecloths, napkins, serving ware), that you can use many times over, so you are not wasting money.

I hope you enjoyed learning about our Easter Table Decor. Like I said it took some planning but was truly very easy to execute. If you’re looking for more Easter ideas check out our Easter Baskets for Kids gift guide. Let us know in the comments below what you thought about our Easter Table Decor. We hope that you have a safe and happy Easter. While Easter may look a little different this year, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the holiday and send some virtual love to your family and friends. From our family to yours Happy Easter!

Overview of Easter Table

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